Saral Chem is focussed on International Trade & Distribution of Chemicals, Minerals, Rare Earths & Oxides. We consistently strive to provide Quality Products with Efficient Service to our Customers. We continuously push ourselves to build a strong business model without compromising on our Principles and Ethics.

Founded in the year 1992, we have grown from strength to strength from a trading company to Specialist in Import of Chemicals which are used in Glass, Ceramics, Construction Chemicals, Foundry, Steel Industries & Adhesive manufacturing Industries.

What We Offer

Our Products

1. Arsenic Trioxide
2. Ammonium Chloride
3. Antimony Trioxide
4. Barium Carbonate
5. Borax Pentahydrate
6. Borax Decahydrate - Inkabor Make
7. Cadmium Sulphide
8. Cerium Oxide
9. Cobalt Oxide
10. Copper Oxide
11. Fluorspar Acid Grade Powder / Lumps
12. Kaolin - Kaolin Bulgaria
13. Lithium Carbonate
14. Sodium Lignosulphonates
15. Sodium Nitrate
16. Sodium Silico - Fluorides
17. Sodium Sulphide Flakes
18. Sodium Sulphate
19. Potassium Carbonate Granular / Powder
20. Titanium Dioxide Anatase -
       B101 - Silverstar Brand
21. Titanium Dioxide Rutile

Authorised Distributors

Borax Decahydrate - We are Authorised Distributors of INKABOR SAC from Peru for All India distribution of Borax Decahydrate.

Authorised Distributors

Kaolin - We are Authorised Distributors of KAOLIN - BULGARIA for All India distribution of Kaolin.



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