About Us

What we are

Saral Chem is focused on International Trade & Distribution of Chemicals, Minerals, Rare Earths & Oxides. We consistently strive to provide Quality Products with Efficient Service to our Customers. We continuously push ourselves to build a strong business model without compromising on our Principles and Ethics.

Founded in the year 1992, we have grown from strength to strength from a trading company to Specialist in Import of Chemicals which are used in Glass, Ceramics, Construction Chemicals, Foundry, Steel Industries & Adhesive manufacturing Industries.

The philosophy of Saral Chem is simple, The quest for excellence must not compromise on the values we were built on. This philosophy is ingrained in everything we do.


We are based in Mumbai, the Financial Capital of India, with branch offices in Baroda and Morbi in the State of Gujarat.

We have warehousing capacities at Bhiwandi, Vadodara & Morbi totalling 10000 sq. ft, where we stock, store our products and distribute them in the most efficient way.


Our Product

1. Arsenic Trioxide
2. Ammonium Chloride
3. Antimony Trioxide
4. Barium Carbonate
5. Borax Pentahydrate
6. Borax Decahydrate - Inkabor Make
7. Cadmium Sulphide
8. Cerium Oxide
9. Cobalt Oxide
10. Copper Oxide
11. Fluorspar Acid Grade Powder / Lumps
12. Kaolin - Kaolin Bulgaria
13. Lithium Carbonate
14. Sodium Lignosulphonates
15. Sodium Nitrate
16. Sodium Silico - Fluorides
17. Sodium Sulphide Flakes
18. Sodium Sulphate
19. Potassium Carbonate Granular / Powder
20. Titanium Dioxide Anatase - B101 - Silverstar Brand
21. Titanium Dioxide Rutile

Authorized Agent

Borax Decahydrate - We are Authorised Distributors of INKABOR SAC from Peru for All India distribution of Borax Decahydrate.

Kaolin - We are Authorised Distributors of KAOLIN - BULGARIA for All India distribution of Kaolin.



  • Corporate Office: Hubtown Solaris, Unit No 1063
    Tenth Floor
    N.S. Phadke Marg
    Andheri East, Mumbai 400 069
  • Email: info@saralchem.com,
  • Website: www.saralchem.com
  • Phone: 0091-22-2682 0385
    0091-22-2682 0386
    0091-22-2682 0070